Main benefits of BookWisely

BookWisely is a business solution that enables organizations to improve their efficiency in scheduling and booking appointments. Some of the benefits included are

It Helps You Attract and Retain Clients

We enable your clients to easily schedule appointments. By doing so, the clients will easily know when you are available and can schedule appointments with a few clicks. This greatly boosts the user experience. With an appointment scheduling tool, users don’t need to wait for typical business hours to book an appointment.

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It Enhances Revenue

With BookWisely fully automated, your employees are not often disturbed and are able to focus on serving more clients, thus boosting your efficiency and revenue

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It Boosts Staff Efficiency

During working hours, your employees are usually extremely busy with multiple clients’ appointments. Without appointment scheduling software, double-booking appointments is almost inevitable, consequently resulting in frustrated customers and diminishing efficiency. However, with this automated solution, scheduling and rescheduling are seamless, without any double-booking.

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It Minimizes No-Shows

Designed with intelligent algorithms, it will track upcoming bookings and automatically notify the clients with emails or sms about their bookings. You will have a full overview of how are the bookings distrubuted over the next period of time.

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We are more than a simple booking system

What you will get is fully automated booking and appointment software. Smart organisation and efficiency in your daily routines. No more paper notes to keep track of your booking. Less phone calls. The system will try to make sure your clients are notified and reminded about their upcoming booking.

Unlimited bookings

No limit on how many people will make a booking or appointment

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Unlimited number of employees

1 or 1000 employees, no problem. They can all use it

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Website included

If you don't have your own website, you will get one included in every package

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Online payments

Allow your clients to pay securely online

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If you have questions or need a personalized plan, contact us and we will solve it and offer a customized solution.

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